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Baltimore City Community College’s 2019-2020 Catalog 
Baltimore City Community College’s 2019-2020 Catalog



Liberty Campus
Main Building
Room 02

The Workforce Development and Continuing Education Division
710 E. Lombard Street
Room 4

Schedule Pre-Admission Advising

Talk to a helpful admissions officer about career opportunities, steps to enrollment, financial aid, health/ wellness services, disability support, curriculum options, how to get help from your academic advisor, and how to find your way around campus.

Apply For Admissions

To be admitted to BCCC the following steps must be completed as early as possible and well before the semester when admission is desired.

  1. Submit an Admissions Application.
  2. Submit a Maryland Residency Verification form with appropriate proof of residency.
  3. Submit appropriate academic credentials:
  • An official high school transcript indicating date of graduation or
  • General Equivalency Diploma GED® indicating scores and date of completion.
  • An official college transcript from each college attended (if applicable)
  • ACT and SAT scores (may exempt students from ACCUPLACER Placement Test)

Degree-Seeking Students must be age 16 or older.
Students under the age of 16 must contact the Director of Admissions for special admissions requirements.

The admissions application and residency verification forms are available in the Admissions Office on each campus or on the BCCC website

Visiting Students

Students currently enrolled at another college or university who wish to earn credits at Baltimore City Community College for transfer to that college or university should obtain advance written approval from the appropriate academic department of the college or university they now attend.

Students should also bring official or unofficial copies of their transcripts to the Admissions Office to satisfy any prerequisite or co-requisite requirements.

Full-Time And Part-Time Status

Full-time students take a minimum of 12 credits each semester. Any student taking fewer than 12 credits is considered a part-time student.

Note: In order to complete the requirements for the associate degree in two years, students usually take 15-18 credits per semester, depending on the area of study.

Students seeking admission on F-1 student visa should refer to special admissions requirements under the International Students section.

The Test Center

Liberty Campus
Main Building, Room 57

Accuplacer Placement Testing

Students attending BCCC for the first time and intending to enroll in a degree or certificate program must take the College’s ACCUPLACER skills assessment test before being advised by an academic adviser and registering for classes. Preparing for the ACCUPLACER test is one of the most important things you can do to ensure success in college. Your score on this test of reading, sentence skills, and mathematics skills determines your college readiness. Students who prepare/study for the ACCUPLACER test tend to score higher than those who do not.

Information for ACCUPLACER review is available online at

To schedule an appointment for the ACCUPLACER test, visit

The following students may be exempt from taking the ACCUPLACER: The following students are exempt from taking the ACCUPLACER:

  1. Students who score a minimum of 500 in Math, 500 in Critical Reading, and 500 in Writing on the SAT or at minimum composite score of 21 in Math and 21 in Language on the ACT;
  2. Students transferring credits in English and mathematics from other colleges, after their transcripts have been received and evaluated by BCCC’s Office of Admissions;
  3. Students who are not seeking an Associate degree or a certificate and have not accumulated 15 or more credits;
  4. Students who are seeking a certificate program that does not require English, Reading and Mathematics as a prerequisite;
  5. Students who have a degree (Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or higher) from an Accredited higher educational institution.

LOEP Placement Testing (ESL)

Foreign-born students whose first language is not English take the Level of English Proficiency (LOEP) placement test at the Workforce Development and Continuing Education Division Harbor location. For more information, call English Language Instruction (ELI) at 410-986-5434.


Credit-by-Examination is available through the College’s own departmental exams and through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) as alternatives to taking courses or to earn credits for other collegiate or “life” experiences. Contact the Test Center and individual academic departments about specific department exams or departmentally approved CLEP exams. The total number of credits earned through examination and/or transfer may not exceed 45.

Computer Literacy Test

The Test Center administers the Computer Literacy Test, which enables BCCC students to fulfill the computer literacy graduation requirement. Students must pass the test with a minimum grade of 70% and this test can be taken two times. The Computer Literacy Test is one of two ways to meet the computer literacy graduation requirement. The other way to meet the requirement is by taking one of the computer literacy graduation requirement courses and passing with a grade of “C” or better. These courses are listed in this Catalog under Computer Literacy Requirements.

Departmental and Examinations for Students from Other Colleges

Departmental Exams are administered for on-line courses and make-up examinations at the request of faculty for BCCC students. Students are encouraged to schedule test appointments online.

Distance Learning Examinations are for students from other colleges who would like to have their test administered at BCCC. Students must request that the primary institution submit the examination to the Test Center by email at These examinations are administered by the Test Center staff. Students are encouraged to schedule test appointments online at For further details, please call 410-462-7666 or email

Early Enrollment/Dual Enrollment For High School Students

Liberty Campus
Main Building, Room 02

  • Dual Enrollment participants must be of age 16 or older; participants under age of 16 and their parent/ guardian must meet with the Director of Admissions prior to enrollment.
  • All participants must Apply for Admission
  • Participants must test at the college-level in one of two areas (Writing and/or Mathematics) of the Accuplacer Placement Test (ie; ENG 101  and/or MAT 107 , MAT 128 , etc).
  • First-time participants may enroll in up to 4 credits only during their initial enrollment including the Preparation for Academic Achievement course (PRE 100)
  • Dually Enrolled 9th and 10th grade participants are eligible in the spring semester to enroll in up to 4 credits including the Preparation for Academic Achievement course (PRE 100 )
  • Returning 9th, 10th and 11th grade participants are eligible to enroll in up to 4 credits in each of the fall and spring semesters.
  • Returning 12th grade participants are eligible to enroll in a maximum of two courses up to 8 credits in each of the fall and spring semesters.
  • Summer participants may only enroll in one course up to 4 credits
  • Program applications must be submitted to the Admissions Office at least one week prior to the scheduled placement test.
  • The deadlines for placement testing for Summer is May 1; Fall is July 1; and Spring is December 1
  • Participants must register for classes with an Admissions Officer. Students who do not register with a BCCC Admissions Officer will be responsible for all costs incurred during registration.
  • Participants who modify their schedule after submission to the Admissions Office will be held responsible for payment of all fees incurred.
  • Participants must attend a mandatory Early Enrollment Orientation/Information session each semester.
  • Participants who intend to drop or withdraw from classes must meet with an Admissions Officer or the Director of Admissions. Participants will be responsible for all non-refundable tuition and fees incurred.
  • Participants who do not complete a course with a grade of C or above will be responsible for payment in full of tuition, fees and books incurred for the course.
  • Participants must maintain a Baltimore City Community College cumulative grade point average of 2.0.
  • Book awards are estimates and students must be prepared to pay the difference up to $20.00.

Early Enrollment Scholarship awards are based on availability of funds and awards will not exceed $1,000.00 an academic year (fall and spring semesters).
Students enrolled in a Baltimore City Public School are not subject to award limits.

International Students

Liberty Campus
Main Building, Room 02

BCCC follows the admissions standards for international students recommended by the American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers.
International Students applying to BCCC must:

  • Follow the regular admissions procedure.
  • Direct all correspondence to the International Student Advisor.
  • Submit the BCCC Statement of Financial Support and Address Verification Statement.
  • Submit to the International Student Advisor complete, official, and translated transcripts and support materials from all secondary schools and universities. (All overseas college transcripts must be evaluated by an accredited evaluation service.)
  • International students living in the United States must apply at least 60 days before the beginning of classes. Those living outside the United States must make application at least 90 days in advance.

International student applicants whose ACCUPLACER Placement tests scores indicate a need for improved academic English language skills will be referred to participate in BCCC’s English Language Instruction (ELI) courses. International students enrolled in BCCC academic programs or in ELI courses must maintain a full-time course load (at least 12 credits).

Military Service Members, Veterans and Dependents

Liberty Campus
Main Building, Room 07

The Veterans Affairs Office provides information on and the processing of educational benefits for eligible veterans, reservists, and veterans’ dependents. Advisement and information on veteran work-study opportunities are also available. In order to establish and maintain eligibility, veterans must:

  • Complete the admissions process, making certain that an official high school transcript/ GED® certification is and college/military transcripts are on file with the Admissions Office
  • Take the ACCUPLACER and ACCUPLACER Placement tests (if applicable)
  • Bring DD214 for new applicants or the DD2384 (NOBE) for reservists
  • Bring copy of the Certificate of Eligibility
  • Enroll in an approved program
  • Be prepared to pay by personal check, money order, cash, credit card, financial aid, advance payment, or deferred tuition loan (if available)
  • Bring a copy of the paid bill to the Veterans Affairs Office
  • Report all program changes to the Veterans Affairs Office
  • Take only those courses required for completion of the chosen program
  • Report withdrawal from any courses or from the College to the Veterans Affairs Office
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress. Veterans’ educational benefits are not available for repeating courses if a grade of D or better was earned.

Failure to follow these procedures will result in delays of VA certification and will place benefits in jeopardy.

Students Transferring to BCCC

Liberty Campus
Main Building, Room 02

BCCC welcomes transfer students. After the Admissions Application is received, the Registrar’s office evaluates all courses which students seek to transfer to BCCC. Credit is granted for General Education Requirements and courses that are applicable to a BCCC associate degree or certificate program.

General Transfer Policy

It is the policy of Baltimore City Community College that students who have successfully completed college level courses at a regionally accredited college or university will receive credit toward an associate degree or certificate. In addition, exemption from relevant placement tests will be granted. The total number of credits that may be allocated toward an associate degree is 45. The credits awarded for a certificate is half of the total required hours. Students can earn up to 30 of these transfer hours through transfer of nontraditional credit. BCCC may award transfer credit from regionally accredited institutions and from institutions that are candidates for regional accreditation. Course work completed at degree-granting and non-degree- granting higher education institutions that are not regionally accredited but hold national or specialized accreditation recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation may be considered for transfer credit on a case-by-case basis.

Transcripts may be sent via email to or submitted to Baltimore City Community College, Registrar’s Office, Room MNB 08, 2901 Liberty Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215.

Students may review the full transfer policy at Transfer Services.

Transfer to Home College or University

Students currently enrolled at another college or university who wish to earn credits at Baltimore City Community College for transfer to that college or university should obtain advance written approval from the appropriate academic department of the college or university they now attend. Students should also bring official or unofficial copies of their transcripts to the Office of Admissions to satisfy any prerequisite or co-requisite requirements.

Mandatory New Student Orientation

Liberty Campus
Main Building, Room 02

All first-time students attend a mandatory New Student Orientation. Students may choose to either attend a session on campus or a session online. Students who attend one of our on-campus sessions will receive an introduction to the College, visit the website for more information

Registrar’s Office

Liberty Campus
Main Building
Room 08

710 E. Lombard Street
Room 4

The Registrar’s Office is where students register for courses. An advisor’s signature is required for walk-in registration prior to enrolling for classes. See the most recent Schedule of Credit Courses for registration dates, schedule adjustment dates, and procedures for registration. This office is also responsible for transcript evaluation, processing requests for official transcripts, grade posting, maintaining students’ academic histories, and processing graduation degree audits.

Registration Guidelines

Students may register for credit classes during any regularly scheduled registration period. Registration dates and times are listed on the Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) Website under the academic calendar or by calling the Registrar’s Office at 410-462-7777.

Students may also register for non credit courses during normal hours of operation. Note: payment is due at the time of registration.

First time students must complete a mandatory new student orientation session prior to enrolling for classes. Students can complete the orientation online via the College’s LMS or in person. Please contact the First Year Experience Office for more information.

These are the two methods of registration:

Register in Person

Students may come to campus to register for courses. First, students must meet with their assigned academic advisor or with an advisor at the Student Success Center. Students complete a registration form with the guidance of their academic advisor. The registration form must be signed by the advisor and brought to room 8 in the Main Building to be processed.

Afterwards, the student will receive a schedule and bill.

Register Online

With online registration, students are able to enjoy the convenience of registering for their BCCC courses on their PC at home, at work, on campus, or anywhere that has a computer with an Internet connection. New and continuing BCCC students who have completed new student orientation, are in good academic standing, and have satisfied all pre-requisites (including developmental courses) can register online by following these easy six steps:

  1. Access the BCCC student portal:
  2. Before you start, it is best to have your course(s) and index number ready. You can conduct a course search by clicking credit course search on the left side of  the student portal Website, enter the corresponding semester information (session, department, course ID), and clicking submit.
  3. At the student information portal, select registration and enter your social security number and PIN. If you are a new student, your PIN will be the four-digit PIN you created when you submitted your admissions application. Otherwise, your PIN is a four digit number consisting of your birth month and the last two digits of your birth year.
  4. Click submit information.
  5. Next click continue, select appropriate semester/ session and click submit information.
  6. After reading the top of the page, scroll down to the worksheet and add course index numbers and click on update worksheet to show course schedule. Repeat as necessary to add/drop courses.
  7. On the college student registration worksheet, click post registration to finalize registration and generate registration/confirmation which includes tuition and fees.
  8. Print a copy for your records.

Student Records

Liberty Campus
Main Building, Room 08

BCCC is in full compliance with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Public Law 90- 247, as amended. A more detailed version of these rights is printed in the General Policies section of this Catalog. Transcripts must be ordered online through the National Student Clearinghouse. Go to for more information. Transcripts will not be released if there is an outstanding financial obligation to the College.

As a student, you have the following rights with respect to your education records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA):

  1. The right to inspect and review your education records.
  2. The right to request amendment of your education records to ensure that the records are not inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of your privacy.
  3. The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information and education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent.

Semester Grades

Students can obtain semester final grades after posting by visiting the BCCC “Student Portal” website at: